Winchester Western Railroad

Why  Choose Rail

In terms of safety and reliability, railroads are the best way to ship your commodities. Nearly any material can be shipped by rail, and freight trains are especially efficient in shipping heavy goods over long distances. Using freight trains for shipping (as opposed to trucks) reduces the amount of wear and tear on roads, as well as the amount of CO2 in our atmosphere.

Winchester & Western runs 7 days a week, and we’re eager and willing to meet the demands of our customers. Our tracks have 286k capacity, and we can handle high and wide loads subject to approval from our transportation department.

What and Where We Ship

The Winchester & Western Railroad handles a wide range of commodities on a daily basis, such as lumber & wood products, minerals, metals, food, grain, animal products, sand, gravel, gases, chemicals, and many others.

The Winchester & Western also connects to both major Eastern Class 1 carriers, allowing access to all markets in North America. Having interchanges with both carriers gives our customers increased pricing power to ensure their freight is priced competitively.

wood products and lumber
gases and chemicals

Where We Connect